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Bible 21 – Free curatorial guide in English by Petrányi Zsolt

The Bible 21 contemporary art collection and exhibition is the result of a unique venture. Levente Kovács and Tímea Kovács-Szabó have created a thematic private collection, the objective of which is the interpretation of the units of the Gospel through artworks reflecting on the present age and their popularization.

The result is a collection of works of art whose creators, as prominent figures of the Hungarian art scene, have contributed to the contemporary transmission of biblical content.

Through the various forms of expression and the diverse ways of thinking, we can get a picture not only of what the artists’ personal interpretations contribute to the stories of the Gospel but also of how contemporary, 21st-century art transmits universal thoughts which, through the Bible, determine the mindset of the western man.

All visitors are cordially welcomed to the English curatorial guide given by Petrányi Zsolt at the exhibition titled Bible 21 at 5:00 PM on 17th December.

The immunity certificate and face mask are obligatory. Free admission