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Campus Festivals 2021 – Latest

The big well known events cancelled in 2020 such as the Campus Festival and Debrecen Drive are already being organized for 2021. While the dates for both events have recently been announced, the details remain unannounced. Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd is responsible for both events.

Campus Festival 2021

Campus Fesztivál 2021

In a recent interview on Campus Radio, Péter Misklósvölgyi and Norbert Lobenwein said they are planning events because that is the only thing they can do.

“A festival organizer can do nothing but prepare to have an event. It’s not easy to give up, but if we only had a few months to build these festivals, it certainly wouldn’t be enough. Behind the scenes, I can actually say that we are doing well with the program as well, of course there is a lot of other things that are needed for a festival, ”Lobenwein added. “Let’s say it’s a rather unusual and not very positive situation, because in that case we sell a good part of the advance tickets and we already communicate the programs. We didn’t even start this this year, as in the current mood, it would be very difficult to persuade the audience to buy tickets. We want to wait until the picture is clearer. ”

The clear message from this interview is to keep the following dates free.

Debrecen Drive : 28 MAY AT 10:00 UTC+02 – 30 MAY AT 18:00 UTC+02

The Campus Festival : 21 JULY AT 14:00 UTC+02 – 25 JULY 06:00 UTC+02