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Carnival party in the spirit of Celtic Halloween

Venue: Dósa palatine square

Halloween has become an increasingly popular holiday in Hungary in recent years, but few people know its origin. Therefore, on Saturday, families can not only have a great time visiting the Dósa palatine square but also become acquainted with the Celtic traditions of the holiday.

Learn about the ancient Celtic divination techniques and the story of Fukar Jack. The demons of the Flaming Snails help to ward off the darkness, and you can also walk a Celtic circle dance in a mask made by ourselves!

According to legend, on this magical afternoon, just as in the time of anno Samhain, the boundaries between this world and the afterlife are tipped over, when the end of agricultural work was celebrated, as well as the end of summer. To evoke the past, ancient Irish-Celtic and medieval melodies are provided by Bran and Sonivius Vappae.

15.30 Bran concert
16.45 storytelling
17.30 Flaming Snails Fire Juggler Team
18.00 Sonivius Vappae concert

– Szabolcs Zelenák: ironed potato
flame, hot apple juice – BlackBunny Handmade Chocolate & Artisan Chocolates: handmade chocolates
– B-Hand: honey, beeswax candles, homemade syrup, jam, sea buckthorn made from Zoltav
– Gyulavár – Gyulavár , creams, soaps, salt products, vitamins
– Mariann Dobány: miracle lamps made of squash – Györgynág
Vágó: handmade candles

Activities by:
– Nature repository: Halloween Kabbalah animal and ghost making, magic mushroom forest, spider maze
– Cívis Traditional Folk Art Association: mask making, candle
casting – Wicca magic: white divination from fruits and cards