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Halloween Programs in Debrecen

Halloween is an increasingly popular holiday in Hungary. On October 31st, there will be a number of thematic programs for Halloween lovers in Debrecen. Learn about the origins and traditions of the holiday, from pumpkin lanterns to costumes, including family programs, night bathing, amusement park entertainment, and forest adventures.


Carnival party in the spirit of Celtic Halloween
Venue: Dósa palatine square

Halloween has become an increasingly popular holiday in Hungary in recent years, but few people know its origin. Therefore, on Saturday, families can not only have a great time visiting the Dósa palatine square but also become acquainted with the Celtic traditions of the holiday. Learn about the ancient Celtic divination techniques, and the story of Fukar Jack. The demons of the Flaming Snails help to ward off the darkness, and you can also walk a Celtic circle dance in a mask made by ourselves!

According to legend, on this magical afternoon, just as in the time of anno Samhain, the boundaries between this world and the afterlife are tipped over, when the end of agricultural work was celebrated, as well as the end of summer. To evoke the past, ancient Irish-Celtic and medieval melodies are provided by Bran and Sonivius Vappae.

Remember: wearing a mask at outdoor events is a must for everyone!

Season-closing Halloween Party at this year’s 60-year-old Amusement Park!
Location: Debrecen Amusement Park

On the evening of Halloween on October 31, this year, for the last time this season, the Debrecen Amusement Park awaits those who want special entertainment with a spookily exciting program, in the company of witches, ghosts and other terrible creatures.

The public can join travel guides in the darkness of night Nagyerdő including Ghost train, the Boszorkányjósdába Coming to kifürkészheti secrets of the future, tűzsonglőr demonstrations admire, and together with fire dance act around the bonfire. There will also be no shortage of the thrills of animal experiences: those interested don’t like to make friends with animals at the Courage Test and insect trapping, admire the relics exhibited by the late inhabitants, and meet up close with the winged hunter commanding the prestige of African nights.

In addition, of course, the Amusement Park’s full range of slot machines will be available to visitors, including the novelties of this year’s anniversary season: the bungee trampoline that promises light acrobatics, the Apollo-X with its unearthly experience of space travel and the 10D cinema bringing the experience of flying into virtual worlds and Icaros.

Admission to the event from 17:00 to 22:00 and all its program elements is available for HUF 1,700, while the Magic Armor, which provides unlimited use of slot machines and accelerated entry, is available online in advance at a unit price of HUF 3,500 (bit .ly/zoodebrecen) and at the box office on-site during the event up until 21:30.

The institution encourages all those interested to wear their appropriate costumes and masks for the occasion, as we reward the guests who arrive in this way with the use of a gift slot machine.

Under the new regulations effective from October 23rd, masks must be worn at the event. Masks will also be available in the gift pavilions.

Pumpkins are good fun with the Zsuzsi Forest Railway
Location: Hármashegyalja

Did you know that there are many fun and interesting moments waiting for you in the resting forest of Hármashegyalja? Up for a terrible adventure, this is your place!

– “Do you dare to catch?” – a professionally guided tour led by Edit Varga environmental educator.
“In the footsteps of” I don’t like animals, “a test of courage in the forest of bats!

Timetable: to
Hármashegyalja from the starting station at Ruyter utca 1: 9.00, 13.00 from
Hármashegyalja back: 11.00, 15.00

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/2757832127838223

Brave Forest with the Zsuzsi Forest Railway
Location: Hármashegyalja

On October 31st, in the forest of the Brave, we are waiting for families and especially children who want special fun! If you are brave enough to try yourself in the nightly courage test, travel with the Zsuzsi Forest Railway and have fun!

– “I’ll find you with a flashlight” – night-long courage test led by environmental educator Edit Varga
– Rém zumba party – Zumba with Erzsó Debrecen
– Led-Show courtesy of Amirah Belly Dance and Movement Studio

Bring your own pumpkin lantern! Arrive in costume! We reward you!

Extraordinary timetable: to
Hármashegyalja, from the starting station at Ruyter utca 1: 18.00 From
Hármashegyalja back: 21.00

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/685702802352582

Halloween Party
Sauna Marathon Venue: Aquaticum Sauna World

A whole weekend with a good shiver, “terribly good” sauna, and steam programs!

Guest sauna masters: Marianna Kiss and Sándor Török (Kerekdomb Thermal Bath) and, of course, the sauna masters of Aquaticum SPA.

Pre-registration for the programs: szaunavilag@aquaticum.hu
Further information: https://spa.aquaticum.hu/hu/akciok-ajanlatok/halloween-party-szaunamaraton-az-aquaticum-szaunavilagban

Halloween Night Bathing
Venue: Aquaticum SPA

Adventure bath: from 19:00 DJ Maci plays
Thermal bath: from 19:00 lounge music in the pool area
Thermal Sauna world: Halloween sauna programs

Pre-registration for the programs: szaunavilag@aquaticum.hu
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/667438823969480

Pumpkin Good Halloween
Venue: Round Forest Amusement Park

From October 23rd to October 31st, the Kerekerdő Adventure Park awaits visitors EVERY DAY from 10:00 to 16:00 with an incredible Halloween atmosphere!

Special venues, pumpkin carving competition, costume competition, interactive illusion show, ferocious motorcycle show, unforgettable experiences! 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/kerekerdo.elmenypark