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Christmas Ballroom Dance Ceremony

The Valcer Dance Studio’s Christmas gala is once again this year – for the 30th year in a row – traditionally a celebration of the festive season. Their programme is dedicated to the lovers of ballroom dancing, standard and Latin American dances, and modern ballroom dancing.

The Valcer Dance Studio is one of the most influential dance schools in Debrecen, and since its foundation in 1990, it has enjoyed unbroken success among both amateur and professional dancers. We can regularly meet their dancers at local, national, and international dance competitions, events, and festivals, and they have been an unmissable participants of the Debrecen Flower Carnival for decades.

They traditionally close the year with a grand gala performance, which will take place on Saturday 18th December at 6 pm in the Kölcsey Centre. The gala will feature performances by competition dancers, formation groups and folk dancers, and dance students from the Valcer Elementary School of Arts.