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Christmas is Fast Approaching!

While children in schools are busy celebrating Halloween in schools and homes across the city, preparations are being made for the biggest celebration of all – Christmas.

Christmas lights are being put up in and around Debrecen. In Jozsa for instance, – which is a popular suburb to the north of the city, the lights were up by the middle of October.

200,000+ lights to be erected (no small task)

In the center of the city, Debrecen’s Kossuth Square was a real treat last year and this year promises to be an even better display with the extension of the light display to the newly renovated, adjacent Nador Square.

With more than 200,000 lights to roll out, it will take some time to complete, but will surely be ready for Advent and the opening of the Christmas market, during the last week of November.

With the cancelation of the world-famous Vörösmarty Square Christmas market in Budapest, the spotlight will be even more focused on Debrecen’s Christmas Market efforts.

Preparations are being made for the Christmas market too, although still a month away, with the booths being erected. This year Nador Square will play an important role in the Christmas market and play a prominent role in the Christmas festivities in the coming months.

It is only fitting that in a time of COVID-19 darkness worldwide that there is an exceptional display of Christmas light to cheer us through the winter months.

We will keep you up-to-date here on VisitDebrecen.com of any changes to the Christmas plans / schedule.

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