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Debrecen Selfie Museum – a Social Museum

The selfie museum in Debrecen is a really social experience. The purpose of the unusual museum is to enable visitors to take unusual photos alone or even with friends.

Selfie-postings provide people with a way (channel) to manage other people’s impressions about them, creating and boosting their self-esteem, which can support their happiness and physical attractiveness.

The selfie phenomenon is transforming social culture.  Selfies allow the opportunity for instant gratification in the form of positive feedback, shares, and likes, something which has only been made possible with the rise of social media.

In the pictures, it may seem like we’re at a cool party or even in heaven. There is, for example, an installation made of 50 pounds of cotton wool.

The construction of the museum, which opened in September, took 4 months and the installations will be changed every six months.