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Concert of Zséda & Attila Kökény

Two of the most emotional and perhaps most exciting voices in the country have found each other for a tour. It’s clear that when these two performers come together, they make big-voiced, romantic, classically “big-name singer” shows.

The Hello tour promises to be an emotional, exciting, colorful, and of course entertaining evening for fans of both artists, who may now get to see their favourites in a slightly different light.

Zséda and Attila Kökény’s duet Hello has become the first hit of 2021 with their unique style, and over 4 million downloads, prove that it has become a real crowd favourite. It’s no secret that the musicality and mood of the song will set the tone for their joint tour.

 ”This song holds a special place in my heart. It is an old-fashioned cover of an unrequited love song, and it’s no coincidence that Casablanca inspired the music video for it. I think we really need these beautiful, everlasting, real singing songs, which Attila and I have put together in Hello.”

“I loved every minute of the song’s birth and the shooting, so it was a no-brainer that we would go on tour together. Singing with Zséda brings me a feeling of eternal youth. Singing about love with the singer of love is a great joy.” – said Attila Kökény about the “Hello” concerts”.