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Debrecen Drive is Back

The Debrecen Drive was not held in 2020 or 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic but there will definitely be a Drive this year. According to the organisers, the car jamboree will be held between 27th and 29th May. The event will feature new cars, sports cars from the biggest manufacturers, stunt shows, oldtimers, sports and touring bikes, trucks, a Leopard tank, concerts, and, last but not least, public meetings.

At a press conference on the event, Mayor of Debrecen László Papp announced that this year’s Debrecen Drive will feature one of the electric buses that will soon be in service. “Debrecen is to become a major player in the European automotive industry this decade, not only in the automotive sector but also in the bus industry. Debrecen will play a leading role in the production of other electromobility units. Debrecen is, therefore, the ideal location in Hungary for a show of this kind,” the mayor stressed.

He stressed that Drive brings something new to the world of car shows, not only because you can “touch” the vehicles, but also because it is an event with a serious shows and programmes.

Drive is a good message that will become a very important component of the Debrecen brand. Even though we had to take a break for two years after 2019, I am sure that this programme has a great future ahead of it, and in the coming years it can grow into the region’s leading automotive show,” said László Papp. Not only four-wheelers will be on show

Péter Miklósvölgyi, the main organiser of the event and managing director of the Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. said that they had dreamed up an event that would be both professional and entertaining, showcasing the region’s scientific and corporate background, and fun for families and car lovers alike.

By the end of May, we can organise an event that will surpass the 2019 Drive in every way. On display will be 150-200 saloon cars from nearly thirty brands, many of which are not even in the showrooms, so struggling is the industry to produce new vehicles. In addition to these, visitors will also be able to see premium oldtimers and ‘top-of-the-range’ sports cars,” the organiser outlined.

He pointed out that on Saturday afternoon there will be a Harley Davidson national meet at the Drive, which will allow participants to admire three hundred Harley-Davidsons. But there will also be power and work machines, unique trucks, and logistics robots courtesy of Trans-Sped, and military vehicles including the Leopard tank, which has never been seen by the public anywhere in Eastern Hungary.

In addition, there will be an international exhibition of model planes and cars, a small car show with thousands of cars, and a model plane with a wingspan of almost seven metres will demonstrate an aerobatic programme every two hours over the lawns of the Nagyerdei Stadium. There will be DTM and rally cars, a go-kart track, and drive shows.

Big names from the world of business, celebrity, and science will be on hand

Visitors will be able to meet Robert Winkler, Zoltán Szujó and István Vályi from the world of motor sport, but also Zolee Ganxsta, Laci Gáspár and even Pál Győrfi, among others. Mini Drive will also debut for the first time this year.

Zoltán Bács, Chancellor of the University of Debrecen, said that the university has been given a new task. The institution used to be a centre of knowledge in the health and agriculture sectors, but in the last decade, it has started to catch up with technical education, including automotive education.

Today, our task, together with the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre, is to make Debrecen a centre for automotive training,” he stressed. He added that in order for the city to become a leading player in this industry in Europe, the University contributes not only with education but also with development, as it is developing self-driving vehicles and is also conducting experiments on energy supply, which could also determine the future of propulsion. Thus, the University of Debrecen is also a part of Debrecen Drive.

They are also preparing a special night show

László Páll, managing director of the Debrecen Campus N.K. Ltd., pointed out that the past period was not memorable for “meetings”, but Debrecen Drive is so diverse that everyone can “meet” what they want to meet.

He pointed out that the Drive will be located in a larger area than the Campus Festival, as the internal spaces of the Nagyerdei Stadium will be used.

He explained that inside will be the real “headliners” and the oldtimers, and the other attractions will be clustered around the stadium.

On Friday, the Night Drive, a drift show, will be held on the eve of the Debrecen Drive.

László Páll stressed that it will be unique in its kind, with pyrotechnics and special effects to add to the adrenaline-pumping show.

Zsolt Fülöp, Managing Director of the Trans-Sped Group, explained that they had already had good experiences at the Debrecen Drive three years ago, so this year they decided to hold the Trans-Sped Day at the same event. The company will also demonstrate how the robots they use work in certain jobs.

Péter Szabó, Managing Director of FAG Hungary Industrial Ltd., said that when the first Drive was organised, they felt that the region needed such an event, as it was starved of automotive and motorsport events.

He explained that they would be coming with several attractions, but the most important of them would be the Schaeffler Mini Drive, a children’s car race that would bring the world of Formula 1 racing to Debrecen.

The idea of the race was inspired by the popularity of ‘crate derbies’, which can be seen at Debrecen Drive, developed further and put on a professional basis. In view of the Children’s Day weekend, only children will be allowed on the grid. Schaeffler is also preparing a new DTM car.

Source – Dehir.hu
Photos – Szabolcs Kandert