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Debrecen is Twinned With Many Cities.

Over the years many cities have been twinned with Debrecen. In some sense twinning implies that Debrecen has many things in common with these other cities, but there are also many differences, in the exchange of twinning both similarities and the differences are celebrated.

Some of the cities listed below are closer than others, such as Oradea which lies just across the border, just an hours drive from Debrecen, while others are as far away as one can get, such as New Brunswick in the United States or  Toluca, Mexico.

While seeking a destination for holiday, both near or far, take these options into consideration to help strengthen the cities ties, as people from these sister cities will also consider Debrecen for their annual excursions and for business ties.


The process of twinning is a cultural exchange which involves participation in each others cultural events. For example for Debrecen this exchange includes participation of sister cities in Debrecen’s annual flower festival. For Bruno and Oradea this exchange occurs on Sister Cities day, and other events, but within the EU this includes V4 events and within EU programs such as Citizens EU programmes.

In addition, sporting events, trade shows and exchange between schools are also common.

For example reciprocal performances of cultural ensembles in both cities (“On boards, pavement and grass” festival in Brno, “Flower Festival” in Debrecen).

Which ever the city mentioned above, there is something going on to strengthen the shared bond.