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Debrecen joins Europe at Home Art Project

The people of Europe continue to live in social isolation and are struggling to survive COVID-19. It is becoming harder and harder over time. Cultural and artistic initiatives support people in building a new world and it is vital in the current situation.

Image Source : https://ec.europa.eu

The “Europe at Home” project connects different European cities through a common artistic perspective.  The Faro2027 team which is responsible for the city’s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture  has decided to invite various European cities to capture the current happenings through the lens of a photographer and the words of a writer. The cities responded enthusiastically and almost immediately to the call. The aim of Faro2027 was to highlight how equal Europe is despite the differences.

Debrecen joined the “Europe at Home” initiative as the 25th city to support that goal. Similar to the other cities, a photographer and a writer was selected to capture the experience of social isolation as part of the project. With the participation of Debrecen, the online exhibition expanded to 25 partner cities and 50 artists.

Debrecen has now joined this international art project created by the Portuguese Faro. Hungarian media artist Lilla Váczi and poet and writer János Áfra represent the city in this special project. 

The results of the artists’ work are presented on europeathome.eu, where the visitor can access not only the works but also the participating cities and artists.  

Participating cities include Bodø, Chemnitz, Clermont-Ferrand, Debrecen, Eleusis, Esch, Faro, Hildesheim, Jelgava, Kaunas, Cluj-Napoca, Leeuwarden, Maribor, Nuremberg, Oulu, Pécs, Piran, Plovdiv, Plungė, Ptuj, San Sebastian, Tartu, Novi Sad, Valletta and Veszprém.

Source: Municipality of Debrecen