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Tourism developments continue in Debrecen

Tourinform reopens in March, while the Kerekestelepi Bath and the Great Forest will be transformed into a Magic Forest, among other things. Deputy Mayor Diána Széles spoke about these tourism developments in connection with the tourism-related details of Debrecen’s 2021 budget.

Deputy Mayor Diána Széles

The deputy mayor explained that the tourism industry has collapsed due to COVID-19. The city is currently preparing for reopening, and the city leadership is in constant contact with accommodation providers and caterers to see any problems that arise.

They are trying to keep the city card and are also working on reopening the Tourinform Office, Diána Széles said.

They also want to introduce e-bikes at the service of tourism and tourists. 110 electric bicycles have been purchased, so tourists can easily rent bikes at their accommodation and explore the area.

A large investment is also planned in the playground Pagony this year, and it will be renamed the Szigetkék playground according to the tale of Magda Szabó. It will be transformed into a theme park incorporating the elements of the tale. Its territory will expand, new games will be established and a four-season part will be formed with a café and a space for organizing birthday parties.

The renovation of the Aquaticum is also underway, the city received more than HUF 5 billion from the government for this purpose. We want to add new attractions and hand over a renewed spa to the people of Debrecen, she added. 

Further development of the Magic Forest is also expected by extending the promenade in front of the beach bath. The city has also won a large amount of money for the renovation of the zoo and the amusement park. These institutions will become even more attractive in the future, especially spending more money on the renovation of the latter, given the proximity of the Nyíregyháza zoo, Diána Széles explained.

Amusement Park

Another important goal is to show the children the values ​​of the Great Forest, to introduce them to the animal species that live here, and to preserve the nature value of the forest.

The local government received nearly HUF1 billion  from the government for the renovation of the Kerekestelepi Bath and for highlighting the thermal values ​​of the spa, where medical tourism can be a key part of the operation. 

Source: dehir.hu