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Escape the Winter Blues in Nature

For many, January is synonymous with long, wet cold and short gray days that seem to take forever to pass and the nights long and foreboding. Even though the winter holidays are over, the spring is still far away.  However, there are good ideas to ward off winter melancholy. 

For example, it is worth getting out and about away from home and spend time in nature. Dressed in layered, warm clothes, a pleasant forest walk, or a hearty hike will give us new strength, both physically and mentally, which will make spring come, just a little quicker.

Debrecen is one of the lucky cities where nature is within reach and all around. The Great Forest is located just ten minutes away from the historic city center, almost at your fingertips, which shows its beautiful face even in winter. 

The sight of snowy forest trails, snow-covered trees and bushes, mallard ducks swimming in Lake Békás and crows resting on bare tree branches, as well as fresh forest air, it all provides real relaxation, a relief to the never ending gray of winter in everyday life. In Debrecen, the sun often shines, even in winter and so, we can take super photos that our friends can envy this beautiful forest environment.