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Tourinform office opens in Debrecen

The tourist information point in Debrecen will soon move to a new location.

The VisitDebrecen info point, which currently operates in the Karakter 1517 café and then in the pop-up container in the main square, will soon open its doors in a new location, in the Old Town Hall building, on the corner of Piac and Kossuth streets. The new office space will offer a renewed environment, Tourinform services and Debrecen City Card customer service .

Entrance to the new Tourinform office at 20 Piac Street
Photo: Dehir

Dehir Diána Széles, Deputy Mayor for Tourism of Debrecen, commented on the investment.

– We received a HUF 25 million government grant to set up the office. I consider it important to be able to serve the visitors and the people of Debrecen in a central location in the city center, as it will not only be worth visiting the office for tourists. We are also making a lot of innovations with the city card, we are very much looking forward to the end of this pandemic period and the resumption of life. Last season, tourism practically stopped, now we are preparing a lot of developments. We hope that people will enjoy traveling, so we want to use every opportunity to inform visitors and make them feel as comfortable as possible in Debrecen.

The planned development includes the complete renovation of Pagony’s free playground , to which Magda Szabó’s novel Island-Blue added a theme, and the creation of the so-called Magic Forest as a continuation of the Aquaticum Debrecen Strand promenade . As part of this, the promenade will be expanded by three thousand square meters, a playground will be built, benches, bins, candelabra will be placed, and an irrigation system will be built on more than a thousand square meters, as thousands of plants; shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses are placed there, and even a play of light is built in the II. At Pope John Paul Square . In addition, the renovation of the Aquaticum and the development of its attractions will be on the agenda.

Within the framework of the Civaqua program, the popular excursion places of the people of Debrecen, Lake Vekeri and the Fancsikai lakes will also be renewed .

The Tourinform office is scheduled to open in March 2021.