Welcome to Debrecen!


Evening walk in the zoo with night music

In the tradition of recent years, Debrecen Zoo awaits visitors with fascinating summer evening experiences. This year the highly successful Evening Walks will be held every Friday until the end of August.  In addition to the program is the novelty of an evening concert by the Kodály Philharmonic orchestra, which will take place at an uncommon venue, – in the giraffe enclosure!

During the program, held in the atmosphere of summer evenings, guests can go behind the veil with a unique professional guide for a look behind the scenes, where the previously unknown, evening life of the animals is revealed. With the help of animal caretakers, visitors can get to know the most special residents during the tour: for example, they can learn how hippos brush their teeth, follow the night raids of large carnivores, and discover the many specialties of the Palm House. They can also get up close to the animals accompanied by the zoo’s babysitters, including this year’s new arrivals in the penguin nursery, Manfred, and Zirara, and a giraffe celebrating his first birthday.

The unparalleled experience is open every Friday from 20:00 to 23:00 until 20th August. Tickets are available in a limited number: occasionally 60 can be redeemed online in advance at a unit price of HUF 3,800, although another 20 are available on site for HUF 4,000 per person at the main entrance.