Welcome to Debrecen!


The Night of Museums Returns in June 2021

The Saturday closest to St. John’s Eve, is the shortest night of the year, museums open their doors and offer concerts, guided tours, interactive events, family programs, and many surprises.


Participants and visitors will have the opportunity to visit many locations and enjoy programs up until midnight.

Night of the Museums Program

Déri Square Programs

  • 16.00–20.00 Creative session for children
  • 16.00–20.00 MH 5. István Bocskai Technical and weapon history presentation of the Rifle Brigade
  • 16.00 Hungarian Armed Forces 5. István Bocskai Rifle Brigade garrison band
  • 16.45 Circus Minimus – performance by the Vojtina Puppet Theater
  • 17.30 Summer music with Trio Harmony
  • 19.00 Cross-border folk music performed by the Naszály Orchestra
  • 20.30 Debrecen Dixieland Jazz Band show
  • 22.00 “Flaming Snails” – fire juggler demonstration

Déri Museum – Main Building

(Debrecen, Déri tér 1.)

Temporary exhibitions:

  • Lajos Zoltai Hall and Gallery: BORDER LINES – The memory of Trianon
  • Dome: “Lost Paradise” – The Lost World of Mesolithic Hunters – Archaeological Exhibition

Lectures in the ceremonial hall of the museum:

  • 18.00 Trianon Stories : A projected pictorial lecture by historian museologist Katalin Váradi
  • 19.00 “Lost Paradise” – The Lost World of Mesolite Hunters – An Archived image presentation by archaeologist Dr. Tibor Marton
  • 20.00 A turning point in archeology? – Archaeological presentation of Dr. Zsigmond Hajdú
  • 21.00 Origin and success story of Mihály Munkácsy’s Christ trilogy – Art historian Éva Fodor’s projected art performance
  • 22.00 An invisible collection – ancient works of art from the Déri Museum – The projected pictorial lecture of the chief museologist Jénsef Dénes Kovács
  • 23.00 Mass graves and human sacrifices in prehistoric times – An archived image presentation by archaeologist Dr. Vajk Szeverényi

Please note: Only has a certificate of protection can enter the museum! Persons under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult with a security certificate. The institution reserves the right to change the program.

The Déri tér programs can be visited free of charge!

Outdoor Programs In The Museum Courtyard

  • 16.00-24.00 The message of the sculptures – Go to the courtyard of the House of Literature in Debrecen and explain what the sculptures tell you! The investigation requires a QR code reader application and a smartphone.
  • 17.00–21.00 Do you want to play in the yard of the House of Literature in Debrecen? – Let’s do a miracle beetle! 15 minutes around the Earth – making your own globe. – Fly the birds! – making birds for the little ones
  • 17.00 Musical poems for the whole family! – Adventures in Héterdő, the Katáng band’s fairy tale concert
  • 18.30 Enjoy your freedom! Space Music performed by the Lisuus Brass Quintet
  • 19.00 Máté Horog’s city tour presenting the night in Debrecen in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky – utca 4. sz. from the Debrecen House of Literature
  • 19.30 In memoriam Presentation of the illustration volume of graphic artist Szilárd Borbély – István Tamus (Sponsor: NKA)
  • 20.30 “… no one is crying in my studio.”   – Guided tour of the museologist Lilla Szoboszlai
  • 21.00 I am enchanted! Magic – movement – game. – Spectacular chemical experiments with Dr. Péter Buglyó, associate professor
  • 22.00 Dancing is free! – fast-paced melodies with Chico Manada
  • 23.00 The Poet of Hortobágy – Little Night Slam – Slam poetry competition

Debrecen Literature House

16.00 Opening of the Space-Movement-Game – An interactive temporary exhibition of Tamás Konok and Tamás Vásárhelyi

The exhibition will be opened by journalist Alinda Veiszer- Welcoming Dr. István Puskás, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, responsible for culture. The event will feature music from the Trio Harmony.

From 16.30, 20.00, 21.45 he will be guided by dr. Tamás Vásárhelyi, curator of the exhibition.

The Déri tér programs can be visited free of charge!

Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Exhibition

“Curriculum vitae, what not to turn …” Sculptor Ferenc Medgyessy’s oeuvre exhibition

18.00 Female figures, female models in the art of sculptor Ferenc Medgyessy. A guided tour of art historian Éva Irén Fodor in the exhibition

Entrance fee: 900 HUF / person, admission is free for persons under 6 years of age!

Tickets are available in advance at the Déri Museum (Debrecen, Déri tér 1.) and at the ticket office of the Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Exhibition (Debrecen, Péterfia u. 28.). Tickets can be purchased every day except Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from the Déri Museum, the House of Literature of Debrecen and are valid for the programs of the Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Exhibition!

Medgyessy Memorial Museum

The Déri tér programs can be visited free of charge!

Museum of the Reformed College of Debrecen

  • 17:00 The Craft of Earth and Fire – Puck for young and old
  • 17:00 The Owl Craft Hut is waiting again!
  • 17.15 They lived with us here, and they are among us today. Viewing the court reliefs led by László Ormosi.
  • 18:00 Egerházi icons: The all associated heck mill – Laszlo Alder Hazy exhibition opening
  • 18:00 Guided Tours the Reformed College mineral and animal collection of
  • 19:00 hour centuries Bible Charles Woods bible collection – exhibition opening
  • 20:00 Egerházi icons: The all associated heck mill – Laszlo Alder Hazy guided tour
  • 20:00 hours Day guided by the College Museum of
  • 21:00 Old medical books in the Grand Library – presentation

Background to Night of the Museums in Debrecen

The Old Town Hall first opened its doors to those interested in 2017 and it does so every year now, ever since the goal to enable visitors to learn more about the work going on there. We could probably expect a colorful program from the Old Town Hall this year too.

Déri Museum opened the event with a special exhibition in 2019 and also hosted a fashion show, military band performance and the bonfire at the Déri Square. We can expect nothing less this year. 

We can also expect special exhibitions from Debrecen Literature Museum (formerly known as Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum). In 2019, they celebrated the event with an “Emergency” Exhibition. 

The Modem started the last Night of Museums event with a three-day art festival, a special beer competition ( PANEL beer) and “Chaos Camping”,  a cool contemporary festival at Baltazár Square in 2019.

The Reformed College of Debrecen hosted an English Guided Tour, while the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen offered visitors to participate in an organ concert, sit in the copy of Kossuth chair, and read a letter written by Sámuel Diószegi from 1806 at the last event back in 2019.