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Exhibition overview

The current exhibitions of the museums and galleries in Debrecen invite you on an exciting journey, in which you can wander in space and time from the civis houses to Transylvanian art.

The changing colors of civis houses – photo exhibition

In connection with the Déri Museum’s permanent local history exhibition „The World of the Civis”, an exciting chamber exhibition has opened in the basement café of the Déri Museum. The exhibition entitled „The Changing Colors of the Civis Houses” by architect Attila Harangi, photo historian Anna Viola Szabó and photographer Levente Vígh explores the fate of the civic houses that have shaped the built heritage of Debrecen with the help of contemporary and present-day photographs.

The exhibition is on view at the Déri Museum until 17 November 2023.

Good Times – Exhibition of contemporary painter Kata Bereczki

Kata Bereczki’s solo exhibition presents three successive periods of life: childhood, young adulthood, and old age. In fact, the paintings form a timeline on the gallery walls. In the individual blocks, typical scenes of each age can be seen.

The paintings are characterized by a light atmosphere, a good feeling of being among them and easy to relate to. Yet they also reveal deeper meanings as they capture essential phenomena from lived periods of human life. This is why the selection presented at the Bényi Gallery mixes historical references, object culture and temporal characteristics of the retro era and the present, but this time through the specificities of the ages.

The exhibition is on view at the Bényi Gallery until 24 November 2023.

TIMELINES – Marcell Esterházy exhibition

Marcell Esterházy’s artistic practice focuses on the history of the Esterházy family, which is intertwined with Hungarian and European history in many ways. In his work, he typically works with, appropriates, and reinterprets these family and found archival materials, juxtaposing grand historical narratives and personal family stories in his poetic solutions.

The complex (art) object ensemble reflects on the intersections of 20th-century global and Hungarian history, literary history, and family histories, and demonstrates the process of personal past processing, while at the same time highlighting its compassionate attitude.

The exhibition is open at MODEM until 26 November 2023.

Vojtina 30 – Mora’s Tales

In 2023, the Vojtina Puppet Theater celebrates its 30th anniversary of becoming a professional puppet theater in the city. The company commemorates this anniversary with a series of events, including an exhibition of original puppets from their Móra’s Tales performance, presented on 7 November 1993, in their headquarters on Kálvin Square.

The exhibition is on display at the Vojtina Puppet Theater until 30 November 2023.

Invention of the body of King Louis II – Painting by Soma Orlai Petrich

After a long period of time, Soma Orlai Petrich’s stunning oil painting of the statue of King John the Great’s son, King Louis II of Russia, is back in its original place. The Invention of the Corpse of King Louis II can be viewed in the Debrecen Reformed College’s Memorial Library.

The exhibition is on display until 31 December 2023 in the Great Library of the Reformed College of Debrecen.

Transylvanian Art between the Two World Wars – Selection from the Böhm Collection

The priceless collection, which is now in the public domain, includes the works of Dr. József Böhm Jr. and his late father Dr. József Böhm Sr. The collection of modern and contemporary art, which is large by Central European standards and comprises some 250 works of art, makes the Freiberg, Germany-based family one of the most important Hungarian collectors, who from the 1960s worked to establish a representative „Transylvanian gallery”, so that Transylvanian art, which was treated as a peripheral art form, could take its rightful place in the European 20th century palette.

The exhibition Transylvanian Art between the Two World Wars offers a selection from this carefully selected collection.

The exhibition is on display in the Zoltai Lajos Hall and Gallery of the Déri Museum until 21 January 2024.