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Flower Car and Vintage Bicycle Exhibition

The jewels of the carnival parade, the flower float compositions, can be seen by the public in the form of an exhibition this year as well, on August 20th on Nagyerdei körút, on August 21st and 22nd between and on Kossuth Square and Piac Street. On our national holiday, August 20th, in addition to the flower floats, those interested can also see the vintage bicycles on the Nagyerdei Boulevard, which evoke the historical beginnings of the flower carnival.

The flower compositions are made with dried flowers, live flowers and the use of hundreds of thousands of dahlias from the town of Zundert in the Netherlands, as well as the work of hundreds of sculptors, and constructors. This year we can also see new compositions decorated with implantable flowers.

The theme of flower carts freely presents the mission, work and connection of the defining large companies and partners of Debrecen to the life of the city.

The beginnings of the Debrecen Flower Carnival date back to the early 1900s. In September 1900, the Debreczen Civil Cycling Association organized a national cycling competition on the association’s new track, which was attended by several nationally renowned cyclists. The highlight of the competition was a large-scale flower ceremony.

Recalling the historical antecedents of the flower carnival, on August 20th, in addition to flower carts, those interested can see vintage bicycles dressed in flower ornaments on Nagyerdei Boulevard, where private collectors Attila Katona and Ákos Szabados and the community of Debrecen Veteran Cyclists present Csepel products, Ferenc Bécs craftsman and Sándor Papp bicycles, but a special bicycle will also be visible.

Date of the Veteran Bicycle Exhibition:
August 20th. 8.00-19.00 | Nagyerdei körút

The exact schedule of the flower
carriage exhibition: August 20th. 8.00-24.00 | Nagyerdei körút
August 21st. 8.00-24.00 | Kossuth tér and Piac utca
August 22nd 8.00-20.00 | Kossuth Square and Market Street

On August 20th, from 9 pm to midnight, the flower carriage compositions will be on display in the evening light.

The exhibition can be viewed free of charge at any location, without a certificate of protection.