Welcome to Debrecen!


Free guided tours of the Great Church

On May 1st, one of the most famous buildings in Debrecen, the Great Reformed Church, reopened. Visitors to the country’s largest Protestant church can now get to know the history of the Church better through guided walks and exhibitions every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, free guided tours start at 11 o’clock.

The Reformed Great Church in Debrecen is a major tourist attraction, which welcomes visitors all year round. In the church hall on the ground floor you can see a Kossuth Memorial Exhibition and the Church History Exhibition, the most important element of which is the original copy of the Vizsolyi Bible

The permanent exhibition is also the Biblical Model and Painting Exhibition, which includes 25 large-scale models by Pastor Lajos Csia and 52 paintings by painter Kálmán Tichy. The barrier-free elevator in the east tower helps with traffic all the way up to the sixth floor (the attic). 

Moving beyond the old clockwork and the church model showing the original design idea of ​​Mihály Péchy, you can walk all the way across to the dome of the western tower.

There is a panoramic view of the Rákóczi bell and the panoramic walkway between the two towers .

Entrance prices and opening hours of the Reformed Great Church: https://www.nagytemplom.hu/jegyarak-es-nyitvatartas/