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Wine Tasting in Civic Style – Debrecen

Debrecen provides plenty of activities during the year. The watery experiences of the latest attraction of the city, the Aquaticum Strand Waterpark, handed over last year, the newborns of the Debrecen Zoo and the iconic buildings of the historic city center provide a wonderful summer destination for holidays for all ages. For wine lovers the city does not disappoint either.

While Debrecen is not know as a wine producer, it has long supported the wine industry, bringing the very best wineries to the city for its national competition to determine the “Wine of Debrecen”. In addition the city is the gateway to one of the most impressive wine regions of Tokaj, Egri and Bukk to the North East, channeling visitors from the M3 motorway, and via Debrecen’s international airport. The city also holds its own impressive wine events.

Debrecen Város Borai

Wine Events in Debrecen

This year the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival and the Debrecen Wine and Jazz Days will be held in August, and the Zamat Festival in the autumn, where the organizers are looking forward to seeing wine lovers from across the country and internationally if travel restrictions allow. At the events, those interested will have the opportunity to taste all the items of the Wine of the City of Debrecen or take it home from the civic city.

The value point is clear, why travel all round the country to discover the countries best wines when all the best wineries come to Debrecen on these remarkable occasions.

The PR in Hungary team has been carrying Debrecen’s reputation for years, with its partner, VisitDebrecen, holding an online wine tasting event for the press from the best of “Debrecen Város Bora”.

The hosts of the online event were Gábor Gődény , Head of Design at VisitDebrecen, and Nóra Erdei , PR and Community Manager at VisitDebrecen, who greeted representatives of the press. Gábor from the breathtaking panorama of the water tower in Nagyerde, and Nóra from the modern environment of the newly opened Tourinform office.

Prior to the event, the organizers delivered a real gourmet gift package to the guests, which included 4 highlights of the City of Debrecen Wine:the Furmint champagne of the Degenfeld Estate, the premium white wine of Mátyás Szőke , the Chardonnay, and the Villányi Franc of the Koch winery as a premium red, as well as the excellent dessert wine, the Moon Valley Szamorodni. There’s also a gourmet cheese platter lurking in the package, tailored specifically for the wines.

Items of Debrecen City Wine in 2020
Photo: debrecen.hu

János Térey:  Boldogh-ház, Kétmalom utca – Confessions of a Civic was a surprise to the participant, with a personal recommendation.

The series of surprises did not end here, as Gergő Jójárt , the estate manager of the Moon Valley Winery, also joined the tasting, telling about his experiences in the city and revealing how it felt to win the Debrecen City Wine Award in 2020.

Joint toast with members of the press
Photo: PR in Hungary Kft.