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Havasi Concert Show

At 7:30 p.m. on the 1st of October 2022 at the Főnix Aréna, a concert series of Havasi comes to Debrecen. The show is based on the most popular Havasi shows of recent years, five fantastic musicians will complement the monumental sound of the concert piano on stage, and this time the synthesizer will play a more prominent role.

Another special feature of the show is that the composer-pianist will give the audience an insight into the background of each movement and the stories behind it. The repertoire will of course include a drum and piano duet, but the latest musical movements will also be presented. The concert experience of a lifetime will be rounded off by a digital lighting and visual experience created exclusively for this show.

An incredible musical journey

The Havasi production has already broken several records: the concert series, considered to be the most spectacular piano show in the world, has been seen and heard by more than half a million ticket buyers worldwide. In recent years, the show has toured the most important arenas and concert venues in Europe and the world, including the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Sydney Opera House, and was the first Hungarian production to conquer London’s Wembley Arena.

During the closures due to the Covid pandemic, the online production broadcast was the first Hungarian world concert to reach nearly 80 countries from the empty Budapest Arena. To mark the first US premiere of the Havasi Symphonic Arena Show in 2021, the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel building, which is shaped like a guitar reaching to the sky, was illuminated in the Hungarian national colours.

Autumn premiere in Hungary

Havasi’s 2022 musical debut will be presented to Hungarian audiences for the first time on the national arena tour. If you would like to be part of this unique and unrepeatable concert experience, you should book your tickets early in view of the huge interest. Following the autumn tour in Hungary, the production will be presented in London, New York, Florida, San Francisco, San Diego, Toronto, Sofia, Warsaw, and Cluj-Napoca, and will next be performed in Hungary at the Budapest Arena.

For more information about the production:

Ticket information : https://havasi.eu/concert/turne-2022/

Ticket prices: 7 990 Ft, 9 990 Ft, 13 990 Ft, 17 990 Ft

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