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Holnemváros – Debrecen in Times Past – Pictures + Contemporary Art

The joint exhibition of the MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art and the Déri Museum aims to showcase the museum’s Photographic Collection. Since a series of thematic exhibitions on the history of photography held in several venues in the city in the late 1980s, the museum’s pictures have not been shown as a stand-alone exhibition, apart from the exhibition of the Mai Manó House, which selected material from rural museums ten years ago.

The ninety photographs selected by the curators and now on show, one of the strongest aspects of the collection, bringing together the city’s historical imagery. The recognition and identification of the spaces of the city as it is lived today in the black and white past of the images, the experience of the spaces of today being occupied by people of the past, may be able to awaken in the visitor the desire to experience his own city as a historical space, to bring alive his relationship with the past, to awaken his awareness and sensitivity to the built heritage and the historical character of the city.

In the second part of the exhibition, the familiar alien perspective of the city’s inhabitants is complemented by the intuitively alien perspective of contemporary artists, as six contemporary artists (Szabolcs Barakonyi, Kincső Bede, Mária Chilf, Viola Fátyol, Olga Kocsi, Dorottya Szonja Koltay), who have already dealt with a photographic memory in their work, created works for the occasion reflecting on images selected from the collection.


Szabolcs Barakonyi
Bede Kincső
Chilf Mária
Veil Viola
Olga Kocsi
Dorottya Koltay Sonja


Szabó Anna Viola
Don Tamás