Welcome to Debrecen!


Hungarian traditional craftsmen gather in Debrecen.

The Debrecen Folk Crafts Festival is organized for the 13th time in 2023 offering an opportunity to meet traditional Hungarian craftsmen and gain an insight into their work. This year gingerbread masters join the outdoor event that is held on 22-23 September 2023 on Dósa nádor square. Visitors can meet 24 craftsmen representing 14 different crafts.

On the 13th Debrecen Folk Crafts Festival and 1st Regional Meeting of Gingerbread Masters, 8 gingerbread masters will exhibit offering a chance for visitors to try decorating gingerbread and help create the Heart of Debrecen, a giant heart-shaped installation decorated by gingerbread hearts that will be exhibited on Dósa nádor square for the time of the festival.

Kids can have fun on the traditional playground set up on the festival and watch the live performance of the Hajdú Folk Dance Ensemble on Saturday, 23 September.