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Ice cream night at Ladányi Confectionery!

The highly successful Ice Cream Night series of Ladányi Confectionery (Ladányi Cukrászda) is repeated this weekend, late into the evening (from Saturday 22nd July at 10:00 a.m. until 23rd July at 11:00 p.m.) for the 2nd time this year. They’ll be serving delicious ice creams and ice-cream cakes! It’s located opposite Debrecen’s famous water tower in the Great forest.

Ladányi Cukrászda – Source: HAON

The star guest of extra long evenings will be the famous Lazy Berry ice cream, which won 2nd place in the Ice Cream of the Year competition and is only available at Ladányi Confectionery.

Krisztina Ladányi, the business owner and operator is a Debrecen resident, settling here after finishing her studies in tourism and hospitality in Debrecen, after confectionary school, but the family factory is based in Szeghalom. This weekend is the perfect time to experience the taste perfect fusion of strawberry, white chocolate, and lavender that Lazy Berry ice cream promises.

Also available will be the popular alcoholic ice creams such as Margarita, Frozé, Meggysör, and Baileys.

It’s fair to ask, can this get you drunk? – Yes it can, so consume responsibly!