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Sziget-kék (Blue Island) Theme Park Opens

Magda Szabó Szabó’s heart-warming fairy tale, Sziget-kék (Blue Island), still transports not only children but adults as well, into a wonderful dream world.

Walking under the hundred-year-old trees of Nagyerdei Park, less than ten minutes by car from downtown Debrecen, you can enter the fantasy world of a boy called Valentin, where the clouds beneath your feet have not only a name (Philip) but also a personality. In the “city” of talking animals, lions, horses, squirrels, kittens and a host of other fabulous creatures live side by side in perfect harmony. Here, children can become inhabitants of the toy city themselves. Anyone can be the pure-hearted Valentin, who understands the language of animals and sets off on a fairytale journey with his friends to find the Island Blue Medicine and, in the end, Mummy is cured.

The free-to-visit Island Blue theme park, created on the site of the Five Gold Pagoda playground, is one of the region’s most exciting ‘playgrounds’, offering real fun for all generations.

Costumes help children to get more involved in the lives of the characters in the novel. Coco, the horse rescued from a bad fate, is just learning to walk on two legs and eat with a knife and fork, while Puss in Boots, the experienced tabby cat, has been to school and is the ambassador’s deputy. They can be guests of honour at the wedding of Miss Ofelia, the lioness, or even brave firefighters and scientist doctors in the adventurous mini-city!

Island Blue is much more than a fairy tale come true. Children can invent and build new fairy tales in giant sandpits, jump in mini cars, or even test their skills on floating climbing frames and adventure tracks, and winding slides.

They can hide on climbing trees in the tree canopy, climb up to the observation tower of the adventure tower and maybe even meet Cloud Ears. They can also practice driving on the road between the houses of the mini-city.

The park is not just for the little ones. It will also be a meeting place for young people and a recreation park for parents and grandparents, with a central reception building, a catering area, and a “play area” to create a good atmosphere. Here, Tamás Tölgy will also come to life. Under the ‘fabulous’ tree, children can play and even sit around the newest Sziget Blue characters.

The 4-season building also serves as a real community space, where various programmes and themed events are organised.

Inspired by the youth novel by Magda Szabó, the Sziget-blue park is a place where the sky is the limit. Or is it even that?

The soon-to-open Sziget Blue theme park in Debrecen, which has doubled in size, will offer a wide range of experiences for young and old alike!

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/szigetkekpark

Source: nlc.hu