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Ice skating in Debrecen

With the arrival of winter, the ice rink opens in Debrecen, in the past, ice skating was available on Gábor Oláh Street. It was a fantastic experience to skate out there in the morning sun or under the evening starry sky, or even in the snow.

When the weather got really cold, winter lovers would ice skate on the frozen Békás Lake in the Great Forest Park or on the Lake “Csónakázó” (it is the lake in front of the stadium). The ice rink on Gábor Oláh Street was finally closed in 2013, after being declared outdated and not up to standard. Instead, winter sports lovers could ice skate on a track set up in front of the Great Church.

Today, we can ice skate in Jégcsarnok or in the mobile ice rink by the Stadium. 

The Jégcsarnok (Ice Hall) opened its gate in 2004 and was extended by a practice ice rink in October 2015. It offers two international standard courses and 1600 m2 of well-maintained ice surface throughout the whole year for sports enthusiasts. 

If you still want to ice skate outdoors for the festive feel, you can use the mobile ice rink built next to the Stadium.