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International Jazz Day 2021 – with the participation of the DDJB

In April 2011, UNESCO declared a celebration of jazz on the initiative of Herbie Hancock, the Goodwill Ambassador. This Jazz day is now celebrated in more than 190 countries, including Hungary (the concerts will take place from today April 28th, through to the 30th 2021, the detailed program can be read here). 

An open letter from Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter in 2016 is still relevant today, drawing attention to the problems of our time and the responsibility of the art world. “We are living in times of extreme cultural and political change and uncertainty, in which perhaps the most important step would be to be able to open up to each other’s culture, and overcoming our own egos.

We can be confident that jazz is not far from the possibility of opening up, as it is an improvisational music that is born on stage and is constantly based on the participation of peers, respect for each other, trust, and peer-to-peer musical dialogues.” the message reminds Herbie Hancock, that although jazz was born in America, has become a truly global genre, which proclaims peace, cooperation and the possibility of a clear dialogue.

The band is pleased to fulfill requests. The online live concert (broadcast from the Kölcsey Center) will be available on Friday, April 30th from 7- 8p.m. www.facebook.com/KolcseyKozpont