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New Exhibitions – See the Works of Local Painters

The staff of the Secretariat of Public Education, the Office of Culture and Organization of the University of Debrecen present new exhibitions in both real and the virtual space.

This time, the works of the painter and artist Edina Murányi, entitled Pieces of the Soul, were hung on the walls in the Life Sciences Gallery.

Edina Murányi

The artist, Edina Murányi, chose a very complex career in terms of her civic profession. Coach, parapsychologist and Charm Inside attitude developer, self-knowledge brand and community founder, leader. Her work and art are closely linked, go hand in hand. Topics that appear during coaching sessions, such as building self-confidence or balance, also appear in her artworks.

The exhibition of Edina Murányi can be seen online here .

In the Theoretical Gallery we can also meet new pictures: in addition to the portraits, we can see near-nature and abstract works in Helga Bana’s latest exhibition.

Helga Nagy-Bana (source: Facebook)

Being a mother of four children re-awoke the desire to draw and paint she had since she was a little girl. Helga Nagy-Bana grew up among the paintings of her father, who was an amateur painter, but only after the birth of her children did she really realize that painting was much more than just a leisure activity for her.

You can see her exhibition in the virtual space here!

The two recent exhibitions can be seen until May 14th in addition to the online space, of course, you can also see the works on site during the opening hours of the galleries.

Source: Dehir