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János Vajda – Ask and answer

This is a difficult year, especially now that theaters, cinemas, museums, and restaurants are closed, events are cancelled or delayed, and curfews make it difficult for us to move freely. We look forward to moving out of home again later this year and traveling for a long weekend domestically or abroad. Until then, all we have to do is tour at home and explore our city, Debrecen, with a slightly different eye.

In this, we will be helped by key players in the local tourist scene, who, among other things, are asked about their favorite places in the city are, what secret travel tips they can share for others to discover while walking in the city, and why they feel Debrecen is a good place.

This time the executive manager of Debrecen International Airport, János Vajda answers our questions.

János Vajda, executive manager of Debrecen International Airport

What were you last amazed by in Debrecen?

The arrival of the unparalleled Ilyushin IL-62 Soviet cargo aircraft arriving at Debrecen International Airport in February, as well as the size of the camp among airport spotter photographers interested in aviation.

What is your favorite place – attraction, building, street, etc. – In Debrecen?

The magical tranquility of the Great Forest, just a few minutes away from the city center. As a family man with two young children, a walk, run or bike ride in fresh air is always a pleasant pastime. In the summer, on the other hand, the Fog Theater is really impressive.

Do you have any “secret” places in Debrecen that you are happy to recommend to locals or visitors to Debrecen?

Although they are not secret, I would like to recommend the Agora Science Center and the Water Tower Garden, where you can sit down with friends for a football match, a cocktail or even a good concert.

You’ve been to many parts of the world. Based on your travel experience, what makes Debrecen an attractive destination for foreign tourists?

I should mention our new beach, which was handed over in 2020 and is unique in Europe. Also, I think that Debrecen has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy, it has undergone a noticeable development in recent years, which may attract many foreign tourists.

If I were asked to help you shoot a feature film in Debrecen, what locations would you suggest for shooting?

The park of the main building of the Déri Museum or the University of Debrecen, which offer an exciting yet cultural environment.

What is the best time of year in Debrecen?

I like the green areas of Debrecen in the spring, accompanied by the sound of nature, but in every other season, you can find beauty as well.