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Light Art – Light House

In cooperation with the Déri Museum, Csokoni Theatre and the Cívis House, the Lighthouse presents Andrea Sztojánovits ‘ interactive light installation FÉSZEK with the sound composition of Gergely Álmos via the medium of augmented reality.

The display will be available for viewing until the 19th February, transforming the shop window at no.67 Piac Street. It is safely viewable from the street protected by the storefront glass windows. Ivov Kovács’ searchlight installation illuminates, transforming the shop window.

The augmentation aspect of the physical display is viewable via smart phone devices using the free to download Artivive application.

In Andrea Stojánovits ’interactive light installation, sacredness and the scientific worldview meet ancient folk philosophy, provide an insight into the sacred mystery of creation and life.

NESTS, as a symbol of the fullness and complexity of life, unfold before us in its initial and extensive form from behind the window of the Lighthouse Gallery. In Christian symbolism it is connected to Paradise as the nest of the Pelican (Christ), in Buddhism it symbolizes nirvana, and through the phoenix bird it is connected to resurrection and rebirth. Our association can fly from the nest, through the magnified image of an atom, to a galaxy, perhaps to the fullness of our vast world, to the edge of the universe. On this path, ancient truth can shine deep in our consciousness. What is outside is actually inside. In every tiny part there’s the big whole like a drop in the ocean. Even in a hologram.

Andrea SZTOJÁNOVITS / light artist, associate professor For almost 20 years has been dealing with one of the frontiers of digital imaging, both in theory and practice, as well as making interactive installations domestically and internationally, from Nevada to South Africa, organizing audiovisual events and festivals.

She teaches at the Budapest Metropolitan University and at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where he received his doctorate in 2017.