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Kossuth and Debrecen – virtual exhibition

Péter Méliusz Juhász Library presents the most important events of the period in Debrecen in a virtual exhibition entitled “Kossuth and Debrecen“, commemorating the Revolutionary and Freedom War of 1848-49.

Portrait and signature of Lajos Kossuth. (The portrait of Eybl’s stone drawing from 1841; in the engraving collection of the National Gallery.)

Kossuth entered the city at one o’clock on Sunday afternoon, January 7th, 1849, at the gate on Miklós Street. The gatekeeper performing the service recorded in the logbook: “Kossuth Magyarok ‘Mó’sesse”. The exhibition presents the following events and locations step by step. Those interested can find out where Lajos Kossuth gave his speech to the people of Debrecen, where the House of Representatives met, but also where the city housed the politician and his family during this time.

The virtual exhibition will be available on the institution’s website from March 13, 2021: http://www.meliusz.hu/virtualis-kiallitas .