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Made in Debrecen – Home Grown Music Groups Strike a Chord

It’s no exaggeration to say that 26th March 2022 promises to be a special day in the history of Debrecen’s popular music scene, but also in terms of the city’s identity. The first Made in Debrecen Festival, which has the ambitious goal of bringing together all the city’s musical acts in record time, will start and run for half a day, with a programme of accompanying events.

The festival event originated in Pécs, which this year, the one-day festival was held for the seventh time in Baranya, with nearly 150 local bands performing. One of the cities invited to “Made in Pécs,” was Debrecen. Our county was represented by The Crams, KORI, Gidnim’Rém, and The Magic Track. The existing friendly relationship between the two cities in the field of musical will now be reciprocated, as the brand will also come to life in Debrecen.

The coronavirus epidemic has disrupted the lives of local bands. One of the main problems was that the opportunities to perform were limited. Made in Debrecen will now accommodate all stage-ready acts, regardless of style, experience, age, or gender – with professional equipment and professionals necessary to make a great event.

Applications are open at www.madeindebrecenfesztival.hu to all popular, folk, and classical music groups that identify themselves as Debrecen-based and have a specific connection to the city. The event will start at 4:00 p.m. on 26th March 2022 at seven different venues in the city centre, including the Ifiház, the Roncsbár, Incognito, the Régi Csibészek, and Desz24.

Due to the expected busy programme, each band will have 20 minutes of playing time and the audience will be able to navigate between the venues with the help of a programme booklet providing detailed information. The midnight bustle will end at the Nagyerdei Water Tower, where the city’s electronic music scene will round off the day.