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Festive Programmes In Debrecen On 14th and 15th March 2022

The heroes of the revolution and the war of independence (1848) are remembered on the 15th March each year, a national holiday in Hungary, last year this was done virtually due to the pandemic, but this year things are back to normal as the mask requirements have been lifted and public gatherings are allowed.

In Brief – The Hungarian Revolution.

With the repeal of the April Laws (also known as the March Laws) in 1848 which had previously been ratified by King Ferdinand to modernize the Kingdom of Hungary into a nation-state, the young Austrian monarch Francis Joseph set in motion an irreversible chain of events, ultimately leading towards total independence from the Habsburg dynasty in 1867. 

Although Hungary achieved its goal, namely independence, the intervening years were tough.  In 1849 Franz Joseph’s called for Russian help in the name of the ‘holy alliance’ and the subsequent military campaign Hungary lost, ushered in a 30 year period of passive resistance by the Hungarians and brutal martial law by the occupiers.

Although of great historical significance, today March 15th has become a symbol of the independent, modern Hungary Every year we honour the anniversary with specific traditions and customs. One of the most iconic ways to mark the day is wearing a special, tricolour rosette (“kokárda” in Hungarian) on their coats containing red, white, and green ribbon, the colours of the Hungarian flag.

As it is a national holiday, shops and most public places are closed. This year the traditional, official events of March 15th will take place and will include various family-friendly programmes, public speeches to commemorate the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

The official festive programme of the Municipality of Debrecen for 14th and 15th March 2022.

14th March.

6:00 p.m.: Déri Square

Welcome speech by István Puskás, Deputy Mayor

Festive music and folklore show with the participation of Debrecen folk dance ensembles

15th March.

8.45 a.m.: Kossuth Square

Square music

9.00 a.m.: Kossuth Square

Parade of the National Flag with military salute

9.30 a.m.: Petőfi Square

Solemn commemoration and wreath to laying ceremony

10.00 a.m.: from Petőfi Square to Kossuth Square

Ceremonial march of the 1848 to 49 marchers led by the Debrecen Garrison Band, accompanied by the Hajdú to Bihar County Horsemen and Hussars Heritage Society

11.00 a.m.: Kossuth Square

Commemoration and wreath to laying ceremony

Speech by László Pósán, Member of Parliament, followed by a wreath to laying ceremony at the Kossuth statue

“I am Hungarian” – city celebration

The oDEon to ZeneTheatrum will perform at the ceremony

1:00 p.m.: Cemetery of the Defence of the Homeland

Commemoration and wreath to laying ceremony

5:00 p.m.: Kossuth Square

Lowering of the National Flag with a military salute

Political parties, social and civil organisations may send their intention to wreath until 9th March 2022 to rendezveny@ph.debrecen.hu