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Malter Film Festival

The first letter M of Malter stands for Mozi, – the Hungarian word for Cinema. The “alter” stands for an alternative moving image of reality, and for an alternative projection location. Every year, the Malter Film Festival travels around Hungary and distributes the best short films to more and more viewers every year. 

For the seventh year in a row, from amateur independent film to professional studio work, the Malter Film Festival also provides a place for subtle, loud, and sparkling shades of film that cannot be found everywhere. It draws widely because this is how real gems come up on the radar. Whatever genre the film is, one thing matters, – the message.

The City of Debrecen also supported the remuneration of the first three places of Malter with a total of HUF 500,000 this year, but this year Dehir.hu, the Hajdú-Bihar Diary, the Alföld Television, the FM90 Campus Radio and kulter.hu also offered special awards. There will also be a public vote in 2020! 

Voting during the screenings will reveal which film will be the audience’s favorite from the new season!

For the third year in a row, the permanent jury will discuss who will receive the Debrecen City Award and the statues of Károly Malter Szabó.

Jury members:
Anna Káró, film critic, university lecturer Miklós Szénási, writer, journalist, editor-in-chief of dehir.hu
Tamás Fejér, director of the Apollo cinema, which hosts the Malter Festival awards ceremony

This year’s patrons of the event:
Péter Gemza, director of the Csokonai Theater and Szabolcs Hajdu, director

Programs and movies:

Friday, October 16, 2020, Kertész Mihály Hall

16:30 (Block 1 – International team out of competition / 89 minutes)
Jeunesse, mon amour – Léo Fontaine – France (23 minutes)
FUNFAIR – Kaveh Mazaheri – Iran (15 minutes)
Sottosuolo – Antonio Abbate – Italy (15 minutes)
Abnegatie – Claudiu Oprea – Romania (11 minutes)
Q: Spukhafte Fernwirkung – Marcus Hanisch – Germany (20 minutes)

18:30 (Block 2 – Hungarian Competition Films / 87 minutes)
Anja – Benő Baranyi (19 minutes)
Redline – Kiliána Kilián (15 minutes)
Dementia short films – Ildikó Gaál (10 minutes)
Disappeared during the fight – Gábor Szentiványi (11 minutes)
Free Romania – Sós Timothy, Márton Nagy (10 minutes)
Scars – Ádám Vidovics (22 minutes)

20:30 (Block 3 – Hungarian competition films / 90 minutes)
Temptation – Richas Sasvári (15 minutes)
Jaques’ amok run… – Máté Horesnyi (8 minutes)
Detto – András Vörös (10 minutes)
Spiritusz – Gergely Tápai (15 minutes)
Matches – Géza M. Tóth (11 minutes) At the
crossroads – Flóra Chilton (31 minutes)

Saturday, October 17, 2020, Kertész Mihály Hall

15:30 (Block 1 – Hungarian competition films / 92 minutes)
Balance – Battle hanna (20 minutes)
Sunday – Berényi Andor (15 minutes)
The Call – Brwsky Brothers (12 minutes)
Birds on the Catwalk – Szatmári Andrea (8 minutes)
Analogs – Viktória Szemerédy (12 minutes)
Narcotics and Ceda – István Nagy, Áron Palkó (25 minutes)

17:30 (Block 2 – Hungarian competition films / 88 minutes)
Vércsék – Szonó Szonja (17 minutes)
There is another here – Sipos Bence (10 minutes)
Catapult – Szövényi-Lux Balázs (27 minutes)
The Orange Passport – Fazekas Gyöngyi ( 20 minutes)
Dark Room – Gyöngyi Fazekas (3 minutes)
Missed Circles – Patrik Rosanics (11 minutes)

19:30 – Award ceremony (after reception)

You can register for the Malter Film Festival from September 29th, 2020 on the Apollo cinema website and in the cinema ticket office! The registration costs a symbolic amount of HUF 100 and entitles you to watch the full program for the given day!

Check out this year’s best entries and vote for your own favorites to find out which of this year’s audience award short films!

More information:

The Malter Film Festival was launched in 2014 in Nyírbátor as the cinema program of the DeathCrew Metal and Film Festival. In her first year, Emil Hutanu, a newly graduated mobile student, collected diploma films from her acquaintances and exam papers from film students. In the end, it became such a time that he invited the university professors to be the jury: Gábor Beretvás, József Pólik and Anna Kata Váró. In the first three years, the award was only symbolic: the creators won diplomas and brandies, yet more and more films arrived each year.

The first award ceremony took place in 2016, at the initiative of Anna Váró Kata in the Water Tower in Debrecen. In 2017, Emil Hutanu felt that more people needed to know about Hungarian short films at home, so he visited the Kerekdomb (Tállya) and Ördögkatlan (Villány wine region) festivals. That’s when the migration began.

The Malter team was formed in 2017 with the new jury (Anna Kata Váró, Miklós Szénási, Tamás Fejér) and the Endorphin Association (with Zsigmond Lakó in the lead). 

From this year onwards, the award ceremony will take place at the Apollo Cinema in Debrecen, which takes place every October. In 2018, Malter and the Bánkitó Festival launched a thematic film competition with the participation of Szabolcs Hajdu, Orsolya Török-Illyés, Gdensis Donalds, Tamás Don and József Pólik. Also, the traveling aspect was expanded with another venue: Szólád, Tastes, Poems, Bird Whistle Festival. In 2018, Ferenc Török and Szabolcs Hajdu became the patrons of the festival.