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MÁV’s timetable changes: Affect Some Trains from Debrecen

On the Püspökladány-Biharkeresztes line, trains will be replaced by replacement buses until 6th November due to track improvements.

Important changes:

  • The Corvin international high-speed trains 404 and 405 will not run.
  • The Corona International InterCity trains 406 and 407 will run via Nyírábrány in a detour.
  • Transilvania EuroCity trains 146 and 143 will run via Nyírábrány in a detour together with the Szamos EuroCity train.
  • Harghita IC No. 367 passengers crossing the border between Nyugati Railway Station and Püspökladány can travel on the Latorca IC No. 34 in the seats provided for them. There is a replacement bus between Püspökladány and Nagyvárad and a train from Nagyvárad to Brasov provided by Romanian Railways. Harghita IC No. 366 passengers crossing the border between Püspökladány and Budapest can travel on IC train No. 568 Tokaj.
  • International passenger trains 369/368, 365/364 are not running.
  • Due to the track closure, the international passenger train 6812 and 6811 between Debrecen-Nagyvárad-Debrecen will only run inland between Debrecen-Nyírábrány.
  • On working days, the Corona InterCity train No. 12406 will replace train No. 6827 from Nyírábrány to Debrecen at 6:49 a.m., and can be used between Nyírábrány-Debrecen-Püspökladány without surcharge.

On the Debrecen-Füzesabony line, trains will run on a modified timetable until the 28th of October due to track construction works between Tócóvölgy and Balmazújváros. There will be replacement buses between Debrecen and Balmazújváros and two-afternoon trains between Debrecen and Hortobágy.

On the Debrecen-Mátészalka line, trains will run on a modified timetable until the 28th of October due to track maintenance. At night, replacement buses will be used instead of passenger trains between Hajdúsámson and Mátészalka. Some trains will run only between Nyírbátor and Mátészalka.

The detailed timetable can be found on the website www.mavcsoport.hu in the Vágányzári news section. GYSEV’s timetables can be found here by clicking on Info.