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MODEM exhibitions

The partial opening of Modem means that while openings, concerts and art pedagogy programs are delayed, but the exhibitions can be visited in person. Currently, three special exhibitions await lovers of contemporary art at MODEM. Time Wasting, – the exhibition of Balázs Kicsiny (2nd floor), Klónia – the exhibition of Zsolt Ferenczy (ground floor) and Kisadózók, the Exhibition of Laci & Balázs (3rd floor).

Time Wasting – The exhibition of Balázs Kicsiny

MODEM organized one of the most versatile, internationally acclaimed works of contemporary Hungarian artists in the second floor space, where for the first time in Hungary an exhibition presenting all the epochs of Balázs Kicsiny’s oeuvre spanning a period of more than thirty years. The basis of Balázs Kicsiny’s art is the study of the allegorical dimension of various occupations and the related human situations. It condenses different layers of time in a work of art, thus pointing out the volatility of temporal and spatial distances, the overlapping of different ages and their dialogue. The special feature of the exhibition is that for the first time in the hall-like exhibition hall of the MODEM on the 2nd floor, we will be able to see Kicsiny’s twelve iconic installations side by side, which are thus symbolically engaged in dialogue with each other for the first time. The exhibition features works from a number of domestic and international public and private collections.

The exhibition is open until August 22nd, 2021.

Klónia – The exhibition of Zsolt Ferenczy

In his exhibition entitled Klónia, Zsolt Ferenczy formulates a critique of capitalism, progression and accumulation as visual discourses of interacting processes. The exhibition itself has the character of an artificial chamber, to which the wide range of moods and genres in which Ferenczy plays contributes. The exhibition evokes dramatic, traumatic, sometimes humorous, absurd and even imaginary images through paintings, drawings, short films, installations and objects.

The exhibition is open until July 18th, 2021.

Kisadózók – The exhibition of Laci & Balázs

The artist couple Balázs Antal and László Hatházi have been working together since 2007. The joint exhibition held in MODEM is the first large institutional exhibition to present this collection of newly created works (mostly new). The two artists (Laci & Balázs) have been working in the construction industry as a decorative painters for more than ten years. The materials used in their “money-making” work used to be part of their fine art activity. Today’s creations already focus entirely on situations, moods, people and materials experienced in the construction industry. 

The exhibition is open until June 27th, 2021.

Here is a hilarious short film about MODEM’s current exhibitions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADeLwrD2n60

MODEM exhibitions and programs are for holders of vaccination certificates and can be visited by minors living in the same household under their supervision.