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MODEM’s New Video Series Gives a Glimpse into the Lives of Artists

More than 300 contemporary works are on display in the MODEM on shelves or in boxes, packages to be unboxed and unwrapped by and for the art-loving audience.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus epidemic, an alternative display medium has been adopted. The MODEM team has decided not to leave these artworks hidden any longer, and has decided to show them online via “unboxing videos”.

From week to week, the staff of the Modem selects some works, and with their creators, they unpack a work in the virtual space.

In the art unboxed series, broadcast on January 29th, 2021, you can learn more about the work of Judit Lilla Molnár and Máté Dobokay. On the 5th of February at 5 pm, the works of Lajos Csontó and Péter Szabó Pettendi will be presented. The accompanying audio explanation will only be provided in Hungarian and can be followed for free on Facebook.

Spring Exhibitions @ Modem

And those who would rather admire various artworks live can hopefully still see three other exhibitions.  

1 Exhibition of Zsolt Ferenczy entitled Klónia (open until March 31, 2021).

The artist formulates a critique of capitalism, progression, and accumulation as visual discourses of interacting processes. Through his clones, he examines the relationship between man and nature, the mechanism of alienation and looting, while researching the causes of all this, as well as the possibilities of origin, survival and self-defense.

2. The exhibition of Balázs Antal and László Hatházi entitled Kisadózók (open until March 31, 2021).

The two artists have been working in the construction industry as decorative painters for more than ten years. Their exhibition focuses on situations, moods, people and materials in the construction industry.

3. Balázs’s small, time-wasting exhibition (open until April 11, 2021).
For the first time in Hungary, the exhibition presenting all the epochs of Balázs Kicsiny’s oeuvre, which spans more than thirty years, will be on display. His compositions are not focusing on formality, but on the concepts represented by the figures.