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Munkácsy Mihály’s famous “Christ Trilogy”

The Munkácsy Hall, is the most popular exhibit space at the Déri Museum, because it is the home to Munkácsy’s monumental works of “Christ’s history of suffering”.

The first painting of the trilogy’s “Christ before Pilate” was completed by Munkácsy in 1881. The second piece “Ecce Homo” was completed in 1896, and the third work “Golgotha” in 1884.

Munkácsy Mihály’s famous “Christ Trilogy” attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the Déri Museum in Debrecen every year. In 1930, when the museum opened its doors, it was an entire room named “Ecce Homo” where visitors could see all the 3 pieces of the Trilogy.

In 1995, for the first time, the three pictures were together in Debrecen. Since then, it has been visible occasionally together until January 2019. From January 2019, all three paintings are owned by the Hungarian state. Ecce homo and Golgotha are purely Hungarian state-owned, and the painting “Christ before Pilate” became Hungarian state-owned through the National Bank of Hungary’s depository program.

The Hungarian state will place these images in the Debrecen Déri Museum for the next decades, centuries.

Munkácsy himself never saw all his paintings together.

Photo credit: cultura.hu