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New Nature Trail in Hortobágy

On St. George’s Day just passed, during the Herding and Crane Festival in Hortobágy, an inauguration ceremony took place for a new nature trail.

The ceremony included an interesting environmental lecture and playhouse for the children to promote the new trail.  The new trail was created as part of an interregional development program.

Migratory birds resting in the area. Photograph © Attila Szilágyi

The new riverside trail is comprised of 12 sites of interest, each marked by river buoys with QR codes, translatable by all modern smartphone devices with the appropriate QR scanning app installed. The points of interest teach visitors about the fish, birds, and plant flora in the area. 

One of the main objectives of Hortobágy is to become an active participant in regional tourism services. As a Unesco World Heritage site, the city is not just a day-trip destination from Debrecen, as there are many sights and natural treasures for people to enjoy, according to Mayor Ádám Jakab. 

Source: HungarianInsider.com