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Premiere on the Nagyerdei Outdoor Stage

The Debrecen Folk Ensemble will perform a spectacular dance theater premiere for the 2021 Nagyerdei Outdoor Games on September 9th. The dance extravaganza is a stage adaptation of Albert Wass’s highly successful 1959 novel “A funtineli boszorkány” (The Witch of Funtinel) bringing the magic of the book to life on stage.

The mystical dance play Nuca, a Transylvanian fairy-witch, tells the mysterious story of her coming of age and her parallel awakening to her own magical powers and tragic fate, performed by the Debrecen Folk Ensemble with a company of about 70 musicians and the Bürkös orchestra, which has won several prizes.

Vilmos Hercz, the Young Master of the Folk Art Award-winning director-choreographer and dreamed of an all-night dance theater performance based on Romanian musical styles and dances, which fruitfully combined the regions and folk cultures of historical Hungary on an acoustic and visual level.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary last year, the latest big stage performance of the ensemble from Debrecen will be characterized by a colorful cavalcade of frantic character and ensemble dances, as well as brand new costumes made with artisanal care.

Date: Thursday, September 9th, 2021, 8 pm
Rainy day of the performance: Friday, September 10th, 2021
Performers: Debrecen Folk Ensemble and the Bürkös Orchestra
Director-choreographer: HERCZ VILMOS, Young Master of Folk Art Award

The performance can be viewed without age limit.
Under the new government decree, you do not need a security certificate to attend the event.

Gate opening: 7:15 p.m.
Length of the performance: 75 minutes

Ticket prices: 3700 HUF, 3200 HUF, 2700 HUF, 2200 HUF
Buy tickets: https://www.debreceniszabadteri.hu/programok/wass-albert-tuzliliom