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Remains of a Celtic village were found at Tócóvölgy

The archaeologists and technicians from the Déri Museum have unearthed the remains of an Iron Age – 3rd century BC – Celtic settlement in the area behind the Ice Hall (Jégcsarnok).

During the excavation, seven Celtic houses have been found thus far, which came as a bit of a surprise because archaeologists were not aware of the existence of any Celtic settlement around Debrecen. 

The houses here were twelve to thirteen square feet in size, which is about one-fifth of today’s typical panel apartment. The Celts mostly just slept in their earthy semi-underground homes, spending most of their days outdoors.

The archaeologists have also come across contemporary ceramics. Interestingly, they have been thinned with graphite, meaning the Celts realized that ceramics retained heat better.

After professional packaging, the objects will be transported to the museum’s warehouse, where they will be washed and restored, and hopefully, in the near future be exhibited.