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Researchers’ Night in the Agora

On the Night of the Resarchers, the Agóra Science Experience Center will once again provide a venue for young researchers and their teachers to showcase their own developments, unique experiments, and curiosities in their field of science with the aim of promoting the natural sciences. 

On the Night of Unusual Researchers, anyone interested can experience the inventions presented at outdoor stands. The staff of Agóra are also preparing various educational programs.

Visitors can learn about the Solar System Model at the experience center and then take part in a spectacular experimental demonstration. They can roam the Botanical Gardens and, after sunset, gaze at the stars.

The programs are free to attend but are subject to registration. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and reduced capacity only a limited number of applications will be accepted.

Physical demonstration


Research students
In the tents set up next to the Agóra Scientific Experience Center, the most talented young researchers of the city present their developments, inventions, and unique experiments.


Extreme Differences – Exciting Physical Demonstration + Secrets of the Botanical Garden
Extreme Differences – Exciting Physical Demonstration + Secrets of the Botanical Garden
Color Chemistry + Secrets of the Botanical Garden
Color Chemistry + Secrets of the Botanical Garden
19: 00
Into the stallion, it will be shaky! + Binoculars watching
Into the stallion, it will be shaking! + Binocular star gazing

Color chemistry

Secrets of the Botanical Garden
Who were the scientists who played a significant role in the past of the Botanical Garden? What plants and animals can we meet here? Those interested can also hear about well-known and rarely seen species on the program, but they can also test themselves in recognizing animal traces.

Botanical Garden
Botanic Garden

Constellation spotting guided by an astronomer, the participants of the program can observe the constellations corresponding to the season and the individual celestial bodies of our solar system through a telescope.

Agóra Science Experience Center

You can find out more about the Researchers’ Night and other programs of the Agóra Scientific Experience Center here: https://www.agoradebrecen.hu/agora-programok/rendhagyo-kutatok-ejszakaja-az-agoraaban-2/