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Some events related to August 20th Festival will not be held

The worldwide increase in Coronavirus cases has also affected Hajdú-Bihar county. In response to this increasing trend, the following action is being taken.

The city of Debrecen continues to give priority to the emergency situation, allocating serious resources for prevention. Debrecen has received a significant amount of protective gear including 100,000 disposable masks, more than 9,000 FFP masks,  and more than 9,000 washable textile masks now in stock. In addition, more than 2,000 liters of disinfection equipment is available to city institutions.

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp, announced that Debrecen is now taking its own competent measures just as in the first phase of the epidemic threat, during March-April. 

The city council has made the difficult decision to cancel some of the events related to August 20th festival.

The programs have been divided into two groups: events, where isolation can be enforced, these will be still held. These include the Passion of Csíksomlyó and the Night of the Classics.

However, events, where isolation can’t be enforced, will not be held. This includes events like the Czech Beer Garden, the Wine and Jazz Days, and the gastro-festival Debrecen Piknik.