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Behind the scene of the Debrecen Flower Festival 2020

Although the usual Flower Festival parade will be missed, those interested can still see the spectacular flower compositions on August 20th. 

Sándor Pikó, an artist from Debrecen, is contributing three compositions this year and the works are already under development. According to him, this year’s works have a soul.

Although the artist was also in quarantine voluntary during the spring, he worked on the plans continuously. This year, the companies understood that the sooner they start negotiations, the sooner they can sow the flower seeds, the more certain that the compositions planned could be realized, the artist said in his latest interview

According to Pikó, the flower floats are not expected to take their traditional route this year, but rather, there will be a flower float show/display. He currently works on three cars including one for AKSD (waste management company in Debrecen). 

Last year, AKSD’s float-focused on melting the ice of the North Pole by featuring polar bears. This year, huge forest fires were raging in Australia and put koalas in great danger. The flower float of AKSD will focus on fire this year. “We need to save these little koalas who have nowhere to go, this is what the AKSD car is saying”, the sculptor added.

He also makes a float for the neighboring town of Hajdúszoboszló, which shows, among other things, the crown that Bocskai received from the Turks, while the third car is being prepared for the 100th anniversary of Trianon.
The Flower Carnival week, taking place between 15th-23rd of August, provides a color extravaganza with both traditional and new programs. You can even take part in the decoration of the flower floats with the assistance of Trained flower sculptors.

Image Source: DebrecenToday.com