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St. Martin’s Day Goose Feast in Debrecen

St Martin’s Day Goose feast has a long history, the first written record date back to 1711. Taking place on November 11th, Martin’s Day is a remarkable day in the traditional peasant folk calendar, being the last day of the fairs.

In addition to being the last day of the fairs, the tradition of St Martins day for the tradition of baking geese and to judge the new wine, since it is already drinkable.  At the end of the Martin’s Goose Roast Dinner, the tradition known as Martin’s glass is to cheer with the mature new wine in celebration of this day. 

St. Martin’s Day also marks the end of the peasant year. According to folk tradition, the annual economic work was completed, and then the winter resting period of nature has begun. The maids then received their annual salary and a goose as a bonus.

In keeping with this tradition, last year Debrecen and Eger teamed up to organize Martin’s Day goose feast on the Kossuth Square on November 8-10, 2019. 

So far, this year’s feast details have been slow to materialize, except that it will take place between the 13th-15th of November and will be co-organized with Eger like last year. We will keep you updated with the latest details as we get more information.

Debrecen will be responsible for the most extraordinary goose dishes such as strips of goose liver, cabbage goose sausage, while Eger will provide the finest wines. The traditional gastronomic event is a great opportunity to bring the famous and popular Eger wine region closer to the Debrecen audience who loves fine wines.

The joint program of the two cities will be enriched by the performances of both local and Eger bands and art groups, offering a real entertainment for the whole family.