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Debrecen’s Oak Tree Wins Special Award

The oak tree in Déri Square was considered beautiful by many, winning a special prize in the “Tree of the Year” Competition.

The Tree of the Year competition has been organized by the Eco-partner Foundation every year since 2010. This year, the title was bestowed based upon online voting which has been going on since July.

In a close finish, the pedunculate oak of Déri Square clinched second place in a close-fought campaign, with the victory going to the judas tree of Deepút, with 5091 votes.

The Hero Tree title was awarded to the Balatonszemes-Bagolyvári Promenade alley, while the Debrecen tree received the special prize of the National Forestry Association.

The most beautiful pedunculate oak of Debrecen won the special prize in the Tree of the Year competition

The pedunculate oak was named by the Matura and Nature Foundation / Nature Library. Its characterization reveals that this specimen is well situated, located on the right side of the square, “its imposing, royal appearance is inherently eye-catching, and due to its capital size, it is considered the largest and most beautiful protected tree in the city center.

It’s like a living history book if you could talk about the past of Calvinist Rome.

The tree witnessed the museum being rebuilt. On November 4, 1956, it witnessed when tanks rolled in and shattered the building of the opposite post office, assuming a resistance center was operating there. He watched when the monumental works of Christ’s trilogy by our greatest painter, Mihály Munkácsy, were placed on the window of the museum’s dome hall. “

The results were highlighted at an online awards ceremony this year, from which all nominating communities could apply by the tree. The Tree of the Year received a voucher entitling to special treatment. The Hero Tree Reward is a health assessment and treatment proposal. The special prize winner of the National Forestry Association received the OEE gift package. In addition to the Tree of the Year, the Hero Tree, and the special prize of the National Forestry Association, all the finalists received a diploma this year as well, recognizing the importance of the trees.

Source: Dehir.hu