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“Stay at Home Festival” – Party Hard at Home Even in Dark times.

The founders of the virtual festival entitled “Stay Home!” are 50 organizers, festivals, clubs, and events. Their aim is to mobilize domestic artists and make the audience follow the rules and stay at home.

“Millions of people go to national festivals and concerts every year. Fans will hopefully listen to their favorite artists and stay at home. The main mission of this initiative is to encourage it”, said Norbert Lobenwein, founder of the VOLT Festival and one of the key figures behind the initiative. 

The “Stay at Home! Festival” encourages the Facebook audience to take the rules seriously and stay at home by bringing the artists to the home of the fans.

More than a hundred domestic bands and performers are involved in the initiative and request to regularly appear on posts, films, audience meetings on their own platform to encourage people to STAY HOME!

The same site monitors and recommends home concerts broadcast by other performers from home, from the studio, with the idea of making the closure more bearable.

Upcoming episodes of the “Stay at Home! Festival”:

Ripoff Raskolnikov

Next, the “Stay at Home” challenge also started. Every night another artist talks in his home about how he spends the day and encourages fans to follow his advice.

Events are added periodically so to stay informed follow the link below.

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