Welcome to Debrecen!


Summer Experiences in Debrecen

Now that the real summer is finally here, we have brought you some tips on where to go and what to do in Debrecen in the summer.

Outdoor cinema: A unique fountain in Hungary, known for its Fog Theater, invites you to “walk on the water” during the day with your toddlers, and in the evening it offers an unforgettable outdoor cinema experience with short films and laser animations projected on a huge, fan-shaped water spray!

Summer theater in the middle of the Great Forest: The more than a hundred-year-old oak trees of the Great Forest and the starry sky offer light summer evening performances by the country’s most popular theaters and actors at the Great Forest Outdoor Games.

Water experiences on the most modern beach in the country: the new Nagyerdei beach opened in the summer of 2020, which is not only the most special and spectacular beach bath not only in Hungary but also in Central Europe. 

Sky-long experiences at a height of 34 meters: The more than 100-year-old monumental building, the Nagyerdei Water Tower, in addition to being a water tower that still operates today, it also offers many leisure opportunities. There is a climbing wall, a café and a splash bar, open-air concerts and a huge garden room, as well as a 34-meter-high lookout tower with a view of the surrounding Nagyerdő, the University City and the surrounding area of Debrecen.

Among flowers: It is no accident that Debrecen is called a flowery city. Of course, the city deserved this not only because of the flower carnival, but also because of its beautiful parks and flower gardens. Stroll through the colorful stands of the flower market on Csapó Street, then admire the beautiful flowers of Dósa Nádor Square and you will experience it!

Downtown Fountain Tour: Cozy whirlpools and fountains cross our path in almost every public space in the city center. Take a ride and choose which one is your favorite! If you do not know where to go, we recommend a route: Hal köz – Dósa nádor tér – Csapó utca The section in front of the Forum shopping center – Piac utca and Csapó utca corner – Kossuth tér – Déri tér.

Walk in the Great Forest: If the heat is unbearable, you will find cooling and refreshment in the shade of the huge trees in the Great Forest. Stroll along one of the most beautiful parts of the park forest, the Medgyessy promenade, admire the wild ducks, peacefully swimming at Lake Békás, visit the imposing French garden of University Square, and relax on the terrace of one of the Nagyerdei restaurants!

Family experiences with animals: The Nagyerdei Cultural Park is a must-see destination in the summer (also), as newcomers are born or arrive at the zoo every week (recently, among others, imperial donkey, emperor scorpion, ring-tailed lemur and flag-tailed colobus), the country’s only amusement park (equestrian, dojo, ferris wheel, Apollo-X, etc.) are waiting for you, and in addition to all this, regular – of course animal-themed – classical music children’s concerts offer meaningful recreation.

Excursions in the area: There are many experiences and adventures not only in the city, but also in the surrounding area. It is worth walking from the Great Forest to the Pallagi Forest, admiring the ruins of the church in Zelemér, or taking an unforgettable trip with the country’s oldest narrow-gauge railway, Zsuzsi, through the magical Forest Spaces, where lakes, lookouts, arboretum and country house offer more close-to-nature experiences.