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Summer Programme of the Great Forest Open Air Theatre 2020

In 2019, the Nagyerdei Outdoor Games delighted the audience with the excellent theatrical productions in collaboration with the most sought-after star actors and musicians, as well as showcasing cult films of the world.

This summer the Great Forest Open Air Theatre celebrates its 70th birthday. It opened its doors with Zoltán Kodály’s song Székelyfonó in June 1950 and was the first and only permanent,.outdoor stage in Debrecen. It also showcased the County Prima Prize-winning Debrecen Folk Ensemble (Debreceni Népi Együttes) introducing them to citizens. 

COVID-19-movie theater
Out Door Theatre – Debrecen

From 19 July to 15 September, the most outstanding performances of Hungarian performing arts can be seen. Together 21 theatrical performances will be shown on the stage including classical and contemporary productions, as well as Hungarian and foreign comedy, cabaret, contemporary ballet, folk dance, mystery and puppet show, and musicians. 

  • Prose performances (comedy, farce, cabaret): How the Other Loves (Hogy szeret a másik), A Tiny Request (Egy apró kérés), Odd Pairs (Páratlan páros), Bachelor Party (Legénybúcsú), Man about the wall protection (Ember a falvédőről),  Cactus Flower (Kaktuszvirág)
  • Musical performances: The Attic (A padlás), Hair, Lilies (Liliomfi), Csíksomlyó Passion (Csíksomlyói passió) and Menopause (Menopauza)
  • Dance performances: Together 100 (Együtt 100,) Anna Karenina, Fire Lily (Tűzliliom)
  • Puppet show: The case of the shoemaker, the king and the rabbit shepherd (A Csizmadia, a Szélkirály és a Nyúlpásztor esete)

The summer programs will be complemented by a Dumas Theater performance and the anniversary dance gala of this year’s 30-year-old Valcer Dance Studio. 
A special dance theater performance will be on programme on 20 August to honor the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon. Check out the detailed program here.