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The 10th Annual “Galiba” Flower Carnival – Youth Education Program

“There is no more beautiful animal than a goose, he does not need a footpath,” sings Galiba, the goose in György Schwajda’s Ludas Matyi transcript. It was in this playful form that the “youth education” program of the Debrecen Flower Carnival was born, which came to a beautiful anniversary. Held for the 10th time this year, the main theme of the children’s festival is national values ​​and their transmission in traditional and modern forms, as well as Olympic sports that promote quality movement.

There will be Galiba again this year, a huge festival awaits the children in Debrecen
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During the carnival week, August 15th to 22nd. Galiba awaits the audience with a variety of programs in the Nagyerdei Cultural Park.

At the entrance, the Debrecen Hajdú Dance Ensemble awaits its guests. A knight’s camp and a knight’s castle await the little heroes, and in addition to the Enchanted Castle, aerobatic acrobatics entertain visitors throughout the week. In the yacht set on the hilltop, you can try a different craft session every day.

Image Source: Dehir

As the organizers promise, we can make new friends and meet our old acquaintances again under the green tents.

Claudia’s Angels, the Debrecen Historical Ages Association, the Towards the Light Foundation, the Children’s City Association, the Hajdú-Bihar County Family, the Opportunity and Volunteer House, the Hajdú-Bihar County Archives, the Hajdú-Bihar County Folk Art Association will be with us HennaStúdió, the Karvaly Archers, the Handicraft Foundation, the Kredenc Handicraft Circle, the Visually Impaired Northern Great Plain Regional Association, the Be the King, the Holy II. János Pál Institute Association, the Nature Library, the Tanner’s House, the Green Circle, the Zsuzsi small railway. 

Galiba gastronomy

On the gastronomic terrace we can taste the crackling flame of Galiba-inspired bread flame, the forced flame of Pick-salami, the couple’s sausage from Debrecen all week long, there will be children’s splatter, syrup and lemonade. On August 20-21, Galiba goulash soup will be cooked in a cauldron.

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Five days, five rings

In order to promote the Olympic sports, the guests of the children’s festival will be the Béla Békessy Fencing Center, the DEAC gymnastics department, the Debrecen Football Academy, the Debrecen Shooting School, the Debrecen Water Polo Sports Association, the DHSE Békessy

The detailed program can be found here . You can read more about Debrecen’s family programs here .

Source: Dehir